For information about participation in a paid personality study, contact:

Judith Kenner
Research Associate  or alternatively at 

One of our current studies is a nationwide longitudinal study of personality development, with participation done online.

If you are already a participant in our study and have a question about any aspect of participation, it is recommended that you contact Judith Kenner (
at, ) -- or Gerard Saucier ( ). *

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why obtain an e-mail address as part of a research study?

In order to enable invitations targeted only to those who are eligible for the study, we do obtain an email address for the prospective participant.  In this study, contact information (in the form of an e-mail address) is also sought for at least three individuals who know the participant well and can complete an extremely short questionnaire regarding the participant.   We ensure that e-mail addresses used in our studies are NOT used for any other purpose but participation in the study.

Why is it that many other research studies do not obtain e-mail addresses?
E-mail addresses make it possible to stay in contact with the same participant over time, as is needed in a longitudinal study that tracks aspects of people's lives across time. Also, when a study seeks a broad cross-section of the population, it is helpful to screen those signing up so that various parts of the population are all well-represented. Many research studies are not longitudinal, and do not put a priority on involving a broad cross-section of the population.

Why ask that "a very short survey" be filled out by some people who know the participant?
Self-ratings are a good way to assess personality attributes, but they are not perfect: They are best supplemented with additional input from people who know the person being assessed. This additional input can be provided in a survey that requires only a few (as little as one or two) minutes to complete.

 Please contact Gerard Saucier ( ) if you have questions about these or any other features of contemporary studies of personality attributes.