Jim Isenberg

10C Deady and 449 Willamette
(541) 346-4725

A.B. (1973) Princeton, Ph.D. (1979) Maryland.
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James A. Isenberg works on partial differential equations and differential geometry with an emphasis on applications in general relativity and mathematical physics. He is currently focusing on the study of the behavior of solutions of Einstein's equations, and on the use of geometric heat flows to analyze the relationship between topology and geometry. The author of over 85 papers, he has held visiting positions at Oxford, Paris, Potsdam, Vienna, and Canberra, as well as at a number of places in this country.

Research Interests

  1. Mathematical Relativity

  2. Ricci Flow

  3. Nonlinear Wave Equations

  4. Momentum maps and classical field theory

Recent Papers

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