Feil, E. G., Severson, H. H., & Walker, H. M. (1998). Screening for Emotional and Behavioral Delays: The Early Screening Project. Journal of Early Intervention , 21 (3), 252-266. ($5.00)


Over 2500 preschool children from across the United States were screened for emotional and behavioral problems using the 3-stage, multiple-gating procedures of The Early Screening Project (ESP). Preschool teachers were asked to nominate, rank, and rate children in their classroom on both externalizing and internalizing behavioral dimensions. The behaviors were then independently confirmed through direct observations in natural preschool environments. Gender disparities also were addressed. Significant differences were found between children who did and did not exceed the ESP's normative referral criteria. The ESP can minimize both the time and cost of preschool assessments while providing accurate screening for emotional and behavior problems with less gender bias. Additionally, the ESP can promote early prevention interventions for all young children.