Paine, C., & Sprague, J. (2000). Crisis Prevention and Response: Is Your School Prepared? Oregon School Study Council Bulletin, 43(2). University of Oregon, College of Education. Eugene, OR.

Crisis Prevention and Response:
Is Your School Prepared?

Cathy Paine
Springfield School District
Springfield, Oregon

Jeffrey Sprague
Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon


Perhaps no issue in recent years has galvanized public concern in the way that school violence has. The specter of violent and antisocial behavior in our schools breeds fear and hinders the lifestyles of nearly everyone. Constant media coverage of the recent mass school shootings in America adds to the perception that schools are inherently unsafe and our communities and families are at risk.

Violence occurs in our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities and is expressed through the activities of gangs, juvenile and adult criminals, and domestic abusers. Society no longer considers schools safe havens for our children in which they are free to learn and develop. On an increasing basis school administrators and staff have to deal with deadly violent incidents and threats of violence from students and others. Developing comprehensive school safety plans has become an integral part of school improvement planning.