Sprague, J. R., Sugai, G., Horner, R. H., & Walker, H. M. (Winter, 1999). Using office referral data to evaluate school-wide discipline and violence prevention interventions. Oregon School Study Council, 42(2).


Schools wishing to provide a safe, disciplined, and violence-free education for their students should begin by assessing their current school safety and behavior support status and then building a three tiered discipline system of universal (school-wide), selected (at-risk students), and targeted (high-risk students) interventions. This approach should focus on carrying out procedures that fit the specific needs of the school rather than adopting a single strategy to solve all problems. In this bulletin, we propose that an effective way to evaluate school safety and discipline programs is to collect and analyze office discipline referral data. Office discipline referrals are a simple data source to aid in assessment, monitoring, and planning. We present an analysis of discipline referral data from several schools and illustrate how these data indicate specific interventions. We further show effects of the interventions.