LCSGA (formerly USLCSG)

Funded FY06 Detector R&D Projects

Luminosity, Energy, Polarization		
3.1	John Hauptman		Gas Cerenkov Cal for Lum Measm't
3.4	Eric Torrence		Extraction Line Energy Spectrometer
3.5	Mike Hildreth		BPM-Based Energy Spectrometer
3.6	Yasar Onel		Polarimetry
3.7	William Oliver		Compton polarimeter backgrounds
3.8	Gio. Bonvicini		Incoherent and coherent beamstrahlung

4.1	Charlie Baltay		Pixel Vertex Detector
4.2	Marco Battaglia		Monolithic Pixel Detector Module
4.4	Henry Lubatti		Vertex Detector Mech. Structures
4.5	Gary Varner		Pixel-level Sampling CMOS VxDet

5.2	Lee Sawyer		GEM-based Forward Tracking
5.7	Dan Peterson		MPGD Readout for a TPC
5.8	Keith Riles		Tracker Simulation and Alignment Sys. 
5.10	Bruce Schumm		Long Shaping-Time Silicon Strip 
5.13	Stephen Wagner		Reconstruction Studies for SiD Trk
5.15	Eckh. von Toerne	Calor-based Tracking-Long-lived Part.
5.17	Dan. Bortoletto		Thin silicon sensors
5.19	Dan Peterson		TPC signal digitization 

6.1	Vishnu Zutshi		Scintillator-based Hadron Calorimeter
6.2	Uriel Nauenberg		Scintillator EM/Had Cal and BeamCal
6.4	Usha Mallik		Particle Flow Studies 
6.5	Raymond Frey		Silicon-tungsten EM calorimeter 
6.6	Andy White		Digital Hadron Calorimetry w/ GEMs
6.9	Dhi. Chakraborty	Particle-Flow Algorithms and Sim.
6.10	Graham Wilson		ECAL Concepts for Particle Flow
6.14	Josť Repond		Had Cal with Digital Readout (RPCs)
6.18	John Hauptman		New Concept Detector
6.19	A.J.S. Smith		Calorimeter and Muon ID
6.20	Tianchi Zhao		Scint/Cheren Rad Plates Cal w/ SiPMs
6.21	Satish Dhawan		Modular DAQ Development
6.22	Gerry Blazey		Scintillator-based Tail-catcher/Muon Tracker

7.2	Paul Karchin		Scintillator Based Muon System
7.5	Robert Wilson		Geiger-Mode APDs for Muon Sys.

FY06 Proposal