The Moon and Mercury
Scorched and Battered Worlds

April 7, 2011, jeb


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Similar Bodies

The Moon - Earth's only natural satellite
Mercury - Smallest terrestrial planet - closest planet to the Sun
These two bodies are similar in appearance in many respects:

The Moon - General Properties

The Moon's Orbit around the Earth

Moon's Gravity on its Surface

Newton's Law:
F = G (M1)(M2) / R2, where G is a constant

So the force pulling on you (suppose you are M2), on the surface of the Moon, would be proportional to M1 / R2, or the mass of the Moon divided by the distance to the center of the Moon, squared.
Since the Moon has about 1/80 of the mass of the Earth, and it has about 1/4 of the radius of the Earth, gravity on the surface would appear about (1/80)/(1/4)2 = 1/5 as great as on the Earth. (a more accurate estimate comes out to 1/6.)

The Moon's Surface Features and Character

The Moon's Internal Features

Origin of the Moon

Impact Theory

Evolutionary History of the Moon

Phases of the Moon

Lunar eclipses

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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun

Named for the fleet-footed messenger of the gods by the Romans

Observing Mercury from Earth

Character of Mercury's Surface

Mercury - General Properties

Mercury's Spin-orbit Resonance

Mercury's Internal Features

Messenger Mission

Mercury's Basic Properties

Planet order from Sun
Orbital period
Semi-major axis
Surface Gravity
Escape speed
Rotational Period
Surface Magnetic Field
Surface Temperature

0.24 years (88 days)
0.39 AU
0.055 x Earth
0.38 x Earth
5430 kg/m3
0.38 x Earth
4.2 km/s
58.6 days
0.011 x Earth
100-700 K

Golden Globe Awards for Mercury

  • Closest planet to the Sun

  • Lightest planet

  • Surface temperature swings are the most extreme

  • Orbit has largest deviation from the plane of the ecliptic

  • Orbit is most eccentric of the planets

  • Spin-orbit resonance locks 3 rotations every 2 orbits

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