Recent Results in Experimental Particle Physics

   A weekly discussion of recent publications


Physics 605 (1 hour credit, P/NP)    Instructor: Jim Brau


This class will meet 1 hour per week to discuss recent experimental results in particle physics, and some observational results on related astrophysics topics.  Each week, one recent paper will be the focus of the discussion. Each student will be responsible during the term for leading the class in the discussion of recent papers describing experimental or observational results.  Examples of results that we are likely to discuss are:


   Bs mixing measurement






   Search for the Higgs boson at the Tevatron




   Axion search

         LLNL results


         PVLAS results



   Direct Dark Matter search








   Indirect observation of dark matter

         Bullet Cluster



Other results will be chosen based on student interest.


There will be an organizational meeting to plan the term on September 28 or 29. The time will be set by student availability. In order to enroll in this class, students must complete the half sheet on the front counter of the Physics Office that is used for research, dissertation, reading, etc. credits, indicate enrollment in Physics 605, and record J. Brau as instructor.