Collider Physics
Physics 610
Fall 2004

Course Description:

Physics 610 will cover the following topics at an elementary level:
These topics represent an overview of important issues in particle physics research today. Throughout the course, the interplay between theory and experiment will be emphasized.

Instructor: Prof. Jim Brau
414B Willamette
(enter through 414 Willamette)
Class Hours:TuTh 8:30 - 9:50
(and substitute hours to be determined;
Classroom:318 Willamette Hall
Office Hours: MWF 10-11 am
Primary Study Materials:
``The Standard Model in 2001,'' Jonathan Rosner
Lectures at the 55th Scottish Universities' Summer School in Physics, St. Andrews
particularly sections 1 through 2.2
``Introduction to Electroweak Symmetry Breaking,'' Sally Dawson
Lectures given at the 1998 Summer School in High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Trieste, Italy
``Beyond the Standard Model,'' Michael Peskin
Lectures presented at the 1996 European School of High-Energy Physics
Secondary Study Materials:
Particle Data Group Tables and Reports
``Resource Letter: The Standard Model and Beyond,'' Jonathan Rosner
``The Electroweak Theory,'' Chris Quigg
Lectures presented at TASI 2000, Flavor Physics for the Millennium
``Precision Electroweak Tests of the Standard Model,'' P.B. Renton
Other Materials:
``The Standard Model and the Top Quark,'' Scott Willenbrock
Lectures presented at the 2002 Advanced Study Institute on Techniques and Concepts of High Energy Physics,
``Basics of QCD Perturbation Theory,'' Davison E. Soper
Lectures at the 1996 SLAC Summer Institute
``Beyond the Standard Model in Many Directions,'' Chris Quigg
2003 Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics
``SUSY and Such,'' Sally Dawson
Lectures given at 1996 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Techniques and Concepts of High Energy Physics
Reference Textbooks:
Introduction to High Energy Physics, 4th Edition (2000)
Donald H. Perkins
QC793.2 .P47 2000
Quarks and Letptons: An Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics, (1984)
Francis Halzen and Alan D. Martin
QC793.5.Q2522H34 1984
Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics, (1998)
W.N. Cottingham and D.A. Greenwood
QC794.6.S75 C68 1998
Modern Elementary Particle Physics: The Fundamental Particles and Forces (1993)
Gordon Kane
QC793.2 .K36 1993
Grading:Grades will be based on homework problem sets, a mid-term exam and a final exam.