Physics 661                Elementary Particle Phenomenology

Fall 2013

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Course Description


Elementary Particle Phenomenology
Physics 661
Fall 2013

Physics 661 begins a survey of the phenomena of the elementary particles of matter and their interactions. For this term we will study (time permitting):

  • Introduction to Antiparticles, Interactions and Feynman Diagrams, and Particle Exchange;
  • Leptons and the Weak Interaction;
  • Quarks and Hadrons;
  • Space-Time Symmetries;
  • The Quark Model;
  • QCD, Jets and Gluons.

These topics cover important introductory material in particle physics. Throughout the course, the interplay between theory and experiment will be emphasized. This first quarter course ( Physics 661 ) begins the study of the field of particle physics, with further introductory material and applications to follow in the second term, Physics 662.