Elementary Particle Phenomenology
Physics 663
Spring 2004

Course Description:

Physics 663 is the third term of a three-quarter sequence on particle physics phenomenology. The third term will include particle accelerator concepts, experimental particle physics detector techniques, and the search for gravitational radiation.

Instructor: Prof. Jim Brau
414A Willamette
(enter through 414 Willamette)
Class Hours:UT 10:00 - 11:20
(and substitute hours to be determined)
472 Willamette Hall
Office Hours: MWF 10-11 am
Text:Introduction to High Energy Physics, 4th Edition (2000)
Donald H. Perkins
Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (1999)
Lars Bergstrom and Ariel Goobar
Grading:Grades will be based on homework problem sets, a written and oral project, and exams.

Tentative Course Outline and Reading Assignments:

April 6 - May 11 Experimental Techniques
Perkins, Chapter 11
May 13 - May 25 Gravitational Radiation
Bergstrom and Goobar, Chapter 16
June 1 - 3 Student Presentations