Earth Surface Processes Laboratory

University of Oregon

Deep-Seated Landslide and Earthflow Detection (DSLED): A suite of automated algorithms for mapping landslide-prone terrain with digital topographic data

    1. Landslide identification and spectral analysis (Matlab-based tool)
    2. AGU poster describing use of DSLED-Rough and DSLED-Bench (7 MB pdf file)
    3. DSLED-Bench paper : Algorithm using "coarse" DEM data to find deep-seated landslides
    4. DSLED-Rough paper: Algorithm using high-resolution DEMs to map landslides

In-class demonstrations  (images and descriptions of demonstrations for introductory classes)

Rainfall and landsliding - relationship between pore pressure and slope instability
Groundwater flow and contamination - laboratory aquifer system with injection wells
Hydrologic response - paper towel watershed analog used to generate a hydrograph