Courses Taught by Colin Koopman
(with links to syllabi, reading lists, &c.)

courses currently teaching
[on leave from teaching fall 2014]
in winter 2015 i am teaching a grad seminar (with wendy chun) titled 'habitual new media' in the comparative literature department as well as a 100-level undergraduate course titled 'internet, society, and philosophy'
in spring 2015 i am teaching a grad seminar on pragmatism as social science inquiry (readings will include the classical pragmatists and contemporary thinkers who are doing pragmatist inquiry: e.g., latour, rabinow, and others)

selection of graduate-level seminars taught or under development at u oregon
[after metaphysics?: pragmatism and the future of philosophy] (spr 2014)
[the politics of information] (wtr 2014)
[pragmatism and normativity] (spr 2013)
[experience and language in pragmatism (american philosophy pro-seminar)] (fall 2011)
[pragmatist pluralism and contemporary political philosophy] (fall 2010)
[experience and language in american pragmatism] (fall 2009)

grad-level author-centered courses
[michel foucault & gilles deleuze: philosophy as cultural critique] (fall 2012)
[richard rorty: philosophy as cultural politics] (winter 2012)
[john dewey: political theorist, public philosopher, and cultural critic] (spring 2011)
[william james: public philosopher] (spring 2010)

selection of undergraduate-level courses taught or under development at u oregon
[pragmatism and metaphysics] (upper div, spr 2014)
[internet, society & philosophy] - [course website] (winter 2014)
[philosophy of internet and information] (upper div, winter 2013)
[internet, society, and philosophy] (winter 2013)
[internet, society, and philosophy] (winter 2012)
[liberalism: theories, problems, critics] (fall 2012)
[liberalism: theories, problems, critics] (fall 2011)
[liberalism and its critics] (fall 2010)
[justice matters (freshman-only course associated with liberalism lecture course)]
[pragmatism as public philosophy] (winter 2011)
[global justice] (winter 2010)
[philosophy and race] (spring 2010)
[alternative modern moral theories: dewey, cavell, and foucault] (fall 2009)
[history of modern philosophy: descartes to hume] (winter 2011)

selection of courses taught at ucsc
[michel foucault: thought, context, critique]
[history of modern philosophy: the empiricists]
[philosophy of race and gender]
[imagining justice]
[liberalism and its critics]

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