Casey Macgill & the Spirits of Rhythm

Live on KBVR FM 88.7FM Corvallis

w/ DJs Keith & Kevin

The bold tracks are tunes, recorded at the T1 bit rate,
the rest are 56k.  The levels are a little strange sometimes,
and not all of the edits are clean - but all of the songs
sound great.  
Wanna get the disc? email Tyrone da Drummer

Listen to the Whole Enchilada (mmmm)

A Brief Introduction


Fats Waller's Come and Get It and Casey talks about the new disc

Late Night Swing

Denise talks about Casey's first gig at the Crystal Ballroom

Git It (In the Groove)

I'm Gonna Love You Tonight (Live)

Jack McVeigh's Jam Boogie, and Casey talks about making the CD

Swing Brother Swing

Casey plugs the CD, and gives us the dirt on the Oink Oink Controversy

Whaddaya Want

Casey's Torrid Affair

It Happened One Night

Benny Goodman's Jam Session, The Cats & the Fiddle's Gang Busters and Casey talks about vocal jive and ukes.

Jump Up

It Don't Mean a Thing (Live)

Lunceford's For Dancers Only, Casey talks about Slim, Slim Serenades a Poodle, and we finish up the show with Hamp's Dough-Rey-Mi & Flying Home

kevin -- Keith