Sutherland Lab

Plankton-fluid interactions
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Research in the Sutherland lab is at the intersection of biology and physics: our goal is gain a mechanistic understanding of how marine organisms interact with one another and within their fluid environment. 

Cyclosalpa_propulsionWe use a variety of tools including in situ video, kinematic analysis, and flow visualization to understand how the environment is experienced at the organismal scale. These observations can be related to smaller-scale physiological problems or to larger-scale population patterns and food-web dynamics. 

Students working in the lab use innovative techniques and a mechanistic approach to investigate how organisms function in the marine environment, and more broadly, to understand ecological roles and evolutionary relationships. 
Students work either on the Eugene campus in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution or at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston.

We use novel technologies but much of our equipment is relatively inexpensive and portable, which enables us to work locally, off the Pacific Northwest coast, as well as in remote locations. 

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