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Marcus Widenor

Marcus Widenor received his Bachelor's degree in History from Antioch College and a Master's degree in History from the University of Massachusetts. He began his career in the labor movement as an organizer for the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union in Alabama, and worked as a labor educator at the University of Minnesota before coming to LERC in 1983.

Professor Widenor teaches a wide range of LERC classes including Shop Steward Training, Grievance Arbitration, Labor History, and Organizing. His research has focused on four areas: the history of labor relations in the wood products industry, public sector collective bargaining in Oregon, union organizing trends and strategies, and comparative US/Australian labor relations. Recent publications include a study of the dissolution of the International Woodworkers of America and a forthcoming comparative study of union organizer education in the United States and Australia. A complete list of Widenor's pulications are included on his curriculum vitae.

Widenor is currently the editor of LERC's Monograph Series, an annual collection of essays examining current developments and trends in Oregon public sector labor relations.

[ See Curriculum Vitae for publications and activities ]