Understanding the Immigrant Experience in Oregon:
Research, Analysis, and Recommendations from
University of Oregon Scholars
May 2008

As immigrants and refugees from many different parts of the world continue to settle in Oregon, it is imperative for policy-makers, communities, and the general public to understand more about the experiences and aspirations of these newest Oregonians. “Understanding the Immigrant Experience in Oregon” is the result of a two-year collaboration by scholars from the University of Oregon. In an effort to enhance public awareness about important trend and developments concerning immigration, it addresses the following questions:
  • What has been the history of immigration in Oregon?  How has it evolved over time?
  • Why have so many immigrants and refugees settled in Oregon in recent years?
  • Where have immigrants settled, and how are they faring in school, workplace, and community settings?
  • How are communities and social institutions responding to the presence of newcomers in their midst?
The report offers a concise overview of many aspects of the immigrant experience in Oregon and focuses special attention on the experience of Latino immigrants, who represent the largest segment of newcomers to Oregon over the last fifteen years.

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To download the report in English, click here. Download PowerPoint presentation here.
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