LERC Monograph Series

The LERC Monograph Series on public sector relations includes definitive research and commentary on the workings of Oregon's Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA) by labor and management advocates as well as neutrals.

Public Employees and Oregon's Scope of Bargaining
Akin Blitz, Liz Joffe, Marcus Widenor

Arbitration Under Oregon's PECBA
Daryl Garrettson, Nancy Hungerford, William Lang, Howell Lankford, Tom Levak, Rick Liebman, Gene Mechanic, Pat Mosey, Luella Nelson, Sharon Rudnick, Sandra Smith Gangle, Summer Stinson, Marcus Widenor

Problems in Dispute Resolution: Finality, Competing Forums, Reconsideration, and Remedies
Rhonda Fenrich, William Greer, Andrea L. Hungerford, Nancy J. Hungerford, Philip Kienast, M. Zane Lumbley, David A. Snyder, Marcus Widenor

Leading Issues in Public Sector Workplace Dispute Resolution
John Bishop, Gene Derfler, Lisa Freiley, Stuart J. Kaplan, Kathey Peck, Les Smith, Carlton J. Snow

After SE 750: Implications of the 1995 Reform of Oregon's Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act
John Abernathy, Henry H. Drummonds, Paul B. Gamson, Nancy J. Hungerford, Andrea L. Hungerford, Howell L. Lankford, Randy Leonard, Lon Mills, Kathryn T. Whalen, Tim Williams

Oregon Public Sector Collective Bargaining: Entering the Third Decade
Jeffrey P. Chicoine, Thomas Doig, Margaret Hallock, Henry Kaplan, Howell L. Lankford, Tim Nesbitt, Ed Ruttledge, Greg Schneider, Kenneth Upton

Individual Rights in a Collective Bargaining Environment
Paula Barran, Barbara Brainard, Eileen Drake, Howell L. Lankford, Thomas Levak, Charlene Sherwood, David Turner, Kathryn Whalen

Restructuring the American Workplace: Implications for the Public Sector
Ray Marshall, Douglas Fraser, William Segura, Alice Dale, Jessie Bostelle

Public Sector Bargaining in Oregon: The Enactment of the PECBA
Marcus R. Widenor