Homecare workers are a fast-growing part of the workforce in Oregon and this growth will continue as the baby-boom generation ages. The continued expansion of the homecare industry has created an urgent need to support homecare workers by providing opportunities for basic training and continued professional development. Better training and support for homecare workers will naturally lead to improved care for the elderly and disabled who are their clients.

Long Term Care Workers Website

A new website for long-term care workers, their clients, trainers, and researchers are being sponsored through the partnership of LERC/OLSHEP and SEIU 503: www.ltcworkers.com. The website lists training opportunities by region and has links to many resources.

Safety Manual for Homecare Workers

OLSHEP, SAIF and the Home Care Commission Training committee have created a Health and Safety manual for both workers and clients. The manuals will soon be available on the Long Term Care Workers Website.

Inventory of Training Resources for Homecare Worker

LERC is working to create a comprehensive inventory of relevant training courses, resources, and materials available to homecare workers in Oregon. This inventory would be accessible on the long-term care training resource website and will be promoted in newsletters and in various materials.

New Training for Homecare Workers

LERC faculty have participated in a stakeholders group that is developing a systematic training program for homecare workers. This increased training,, which prioritizes health and safety, will raise quality of care and promote homecare career advancement and core competencies. Partnering with the Better Jobs/Better Care grant, LERC faculty also worked to create a standard group of competencies for caregivers in a variety of community-based settings.

Communication Skills Workshops

LERC faculty partnered with SEIU 503 and the Better Jobs/Better Care homecare training grant steering committee to present a series of workshops on “Communication Skills and Problem-Solving for Homecare Workers.” Improved communication skills can lead to better, safer, person-centered care for the client, and a safer, more satisfying job for the HCW. Participants who completed the Communication and Problem-solving Skills workshop were admitted to a First Aid/CPR class for free. CPR is a “skill-building” class that is a high priority for all stakeholders.

If you are interested in additional information about training programs for homecare workers, please contact Helen Moss.