The Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) strives to make our programs more dynamic and relevant to meet the changing needs of our constituents. As part of this process, we are currently experimenting with different formats and venues for training.

As we move away from more traditional scheduling, our ability to offer a certificate program has diminished. Therefore, we have decided to phase out the U-LEAD Certificate Program. The program will officially end in August 2015. We will not be accepting any new enrollees from this point forward. We will work with those currently enrolled in U-LEAD to help
them complete the Certificate over the next two and a half years.

Contact Helen Moss if you have questions about U-LEAD at hmoss@uoregon.edu or 503-412-3722.

U-LEAD offers courses in four areas (clusters) that correspond to critical elements of union leadership as well as a cluster of other related topics. The clusters include:

  • Contract Negotiations and Administration
  • Building the Union Organization
  • Individual Leadership Skills
  • Framework for Labor-Management Relations
  • Other Topics/Electives


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