The Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) strives to make our programs more dynamic and relevant to meet the changing needs of our constituents. As part of this process, we are currently experimenting with different formats and venues for training.

As we move away from more traditional scheduling, our ability to offer a certificate program has diminished. Therefore, we have decided to phase out the U-LEAD Certificate Program. The program will officially end in August 2015. We will not be accepting any new enrollees from this point forward. We will work with those currently enrolled in U-LEAD to help
them complete the Certificate over the next two and a half years.

Contact Helen Moss if you have questions about U-LEAD at hmoss@uoregon.edu or 503-412-3722.


Beginning September 1, 2007, people who enroll in U-LEAD will need to take a “required” course (currently being developed) that will give the participants an overview of current issues and trends in the labor movement.  This course will be considered 8 hours in Cluster 4 and will raise the total number of hours needed for the certificate from 56 to 64.

U-LEAD Policies and Procedures

What counts toward the U-LEAD Certificate?

A maximum of eight (8) hours per course or topic is counted toward the U-LEAD Certificate. You may take as many hours of a particular class as you choose. Some classes may run longer than eight hours. For U-LEAD purposes, LERC only credits you with eight hours because we want to encourage a distribution of topics in each cluster area.

A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction is required for any particular training session to count toward the U-LEAD Certificate. Sometimes we provide training as part of meetings, conferences, or conventions. Training on any particular topic which lasts for at least two hours qualifies for the U-LEAD Certificate. A shorter training period will not be considered.

Some LERC classes other than those listed may be accepted as substitutes for the certificate requirements within a cluster area. Other LERC classes may be counted as electives. Check with the U-LEAD Coordinator for a determination on a particular class.

In some instances, LERC will allow other (non-LERC) classes to qualify for the U-LEAD Certificate, either as an elective or as a substitute for a class. LERC will evaluate such classes on a case-by-case basis. We may ask you to submit some information about the class (a class agenda, for example) in order to make a determination. Check with the U-LEAD Coordinator if you are in this situation.

At least 32 of the 56 hours required for the U-LEAD Certificate must be taken as LERC classes. This is our way of ensuring that each certificate recipient receives a roughly comparable educational experience.

How long will classes taken count toward the U-LEAD Certificate?

Hours accumulated toward a certificate are valid for no more than six (6) years. LERC wants to ensure that everyone has a reasonable time in which to complete the certificate, but also that the training received is timely and current.

What is required to actually receive the U-LEAD Certificate?

In addition to completing the required number of training hours in each cluster area, there will also be a final interview with LERC faculty and/or advisors to discuss what you learned from the coursework.

A nominal fee will be charged for the certificate to offset LERC's costs.