For the past 10 years, LERC has operated a unique internship program that places UO students with labor organizations around Oregon. The internship program is an excellent opportunity for UO students to find out more about the labor movement, to make a concrete contribution to helping the situation of Oregon workers, and/or to test out the thought of trying a career in the union movement. There is no limit to the size of our program, but in most years there have been 5 or 6 interns per quarter.

Students have interned helping farmworkers and home care workers win contracts, helping janitors and healthcare workers organize new workplaces, helping with public policy or contract negotiation issues, analyzing policy questions and working with state legislators on labor-related issues. Internships may involve either research work, publicity or hands-on organizing. Internships are often designed around the particular interests of individual students, who may want to concentrate on issues of women workers, immigrants, or other special topics.

The internships require no special level of expertise, are pass-fail, and count as a 4-credit 400-level course. For Sociology majors, the LERC internship counts as credit toward the major in that department.