Lara's home page

At work This page is always under construction. Expect potentially interesting things to come.

My interests include:

  • Gifted Education:
  • Cooking and passing off my experiments to co-workers. I bake cookies, cakes, tarts, breads...but not pies; I have bad luck with pies.
  • Science fiction/fantasy, such as
  • Going to the gym, which you would never guess to look at me. My current favorite things to do at the gym are the EFX machine (that would be "elliptical fitness crosstrainer," a medieval torture rack which combines all the features of a treadmill, a bike, and a stairmaster, yikes), kickboxing, and pushups. Well, I mean, I don't like pushups, and I can only do about 20 modified (knees down) or 1 regular, but I've decided I need a stronger back and shoulders. I decided this when I started doing some reading about skeletal and muscular structure and realized that most of the muscles of the upper body and torso effectively hang from the shoulder girdle. Probably a good idea for that area to be both strong and flexible.
  • Fixing stuff around the house (sometimes badly, but always learning about what went wrong).
  • Sports, most particularly women's basketball and major league baseball
    Here is a link to Warren's home page, which so far has a lot more stuff than mine. Here also is Warren's D. C. Shopping story which keeps coming up in conversation and then people want a copy.

    You can also check out the UO home page, but be warned, it is bigger and more graphical than it used to be, and has been known to make my browser sad.

    send me mail; Last modified 05/03/99, a piece of information I routinely forget to change...