Madame Tussaud's Celebrity Encounter
Twinkling star
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sean Connery
Twinkling star Cher
Twinkling star
Cher in revealing black beaded gown
Bette Midler
Marilyn Monroe
Twinkling star
Elizabeth Taylor
Twinkling star
Joan Collins
Twinkling star
Twinkling star
I always think of Sean Connery surrounded by beautiful women although I have found him more entrancing in mature roles than in his famous stints as 007. One of my favorites, though lesser known, is his portrayal of Mulay el-Raisuli in 1975's "The Wind and The Lion". Here, he admires (l. to r.) Cher, Bette Midler, Marilyn Monroe (I would have preferred the "blowing dress" pose better), Liz Taylor (Did she invent the original "big hair"?), and Joan Collins. Although Joan Collins is best remembered as the vamp from "Dynasty", I always think of her as prophetic Edith Keeler in Classic Trek's "City on The Edge of Forever."

Madame Tussaud's Celebrity Encounter is an anchor attraction for the Venetian Hotel. When you enter the first main display area, the room is arranged as a cocktail party. You are free to walk among "the stars" and a couple of times I was puzzling over the identity of someone and they moved! A very surreal experience! I particularly appreciated the "closeness" you are allowed which provides wonderful photo opportunities.

Graphic Artist's Notes: These images were all taken with a Sony Mavica FD-81 digital camera with 3X zoom. To minimize glare and maximize the lush colors of the clothing I disabled the flash. After reducing each image to the desired size, sharpening, and adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color levels as needed, I framed them with CreativePro's Online PhotoFrame selecting black for the frame color to blend with this page's night sky background The title image was created with Cool Text's Neon text style selecting the color from the custom option. The glittering stars were produced with Animagic using the Fade In and Fade Out Options and setting the repeat interval for the base image to three different settings to produce stars that blink at different rates.

Although I loved my visit to the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, California, I wish I could have gotten as close to the sculptures there as I did at Madame Tussaud's.

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