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Medieval Studies Affiliated Faculty:

Barbara Altmann, Professor, Romance Languages; Medieval French Literature
Ina Asim, Assoc Professor, History; Premodern China
Judith Baskin, Professor, Judaic Studies; Medieval Jewish History and Culture
Martha Bayless, Assoc Professor, English; Medieval English Literature
Louise Bishop, Assoc Professor, Honors College; Medieval English Literature
Steven Brown, Professor, East Asian Lang & Lit; Medieval Japanese Literature
Stephanie Clark, Asst Professor, English
Frederick Colby, Assoc Professor, Religion; Islamic Studies
Mary-Lyon Dolezal, Assoc Professor, Art History; Medieval and Byzantine Art
James Earl, Professor, English; Medieval English Literature
Daniel Falk, Professor, Religion; Biblical Studies
James Fox, Assoc Professor; Head, Special Collections, Knight Library
Warren Ginsberg, Professor, English; Medieval English Literature
Andrew E. Goble, Assoc Professor, History; Medieval Japanese History
Deborah Green, Assoc Professor, Religion; Hebrew Language and Literature
Gantt Gurley, Assoc Professor, German & Scandinavian; Germanic Languages
Marcus Hensel, Adjunct Professor, English
David Hollenberg, Asst Professor, Religion; Arabic Language and Religious Literature
Mary Jaeger, Professor, Classics; Latin Literature
Lori Kruckenberg, Assoc Professor, Music; History of Music, Medieval music
Charles H. Lachman, Assoc Professor, Art History; Asian Art
Anne Laskaya, Assoc Professor, English; Medieval English Literature
Eric Mentzel, Assoc Professor, Music; Voice performance
Regina Psaki, Professor, Romance Languages; Medieval Italian Literature
Stephen Shoemaker, Assoc Professor, Religion; History of Christianity
Richard Sundt, Assoc Professor, Art History; Medieval Art and Architecture
Mark T. Unno, Assoc Professor, Religion; East Asian religions, Buddhism
Cynthia Vakareliyska, Professor, Linguistics; Slavic linguistics
Marc Vanscheeuwijck, Assoc Professor, Music; Music History and Performance
David Wacks, Assoc Professor, Romance Languages; Medieval Iberia,Sephardic studies
Lisa Wolverton, Assoc Professor, History; Medieval History

Note: All Medieval Studies faculty are housed in traditional home departments (like History, Religion, Romance Languages, Music, Art History etc.) and participate in the Medieval Studies Program: