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IGERT - PhD Internships

PhD students in the Materials Science Institute can study in traditional programs in Physics or Chemistry, or participate in Internship programs.

Interdisciplinary Training at the Chemistry-Physics Interface:
An Integrated Classroom - Laboratory -Internship Program for Ph.D. Students Interested in Materials Chemistry

The University of Oregon has a number of opportunities to integrate industrial internships and targeted technical training into its interdisciplinary Chemistry Ph.D. program.  The technical focus of this program is semiconductor device chemistry and physics, an exciting area at the frontier of modern materials chemistry where technical advances are closely tied to fundamental science.  The curriculum is comprehensive and broad-based to prepare graduates for the rapidly evolving, multidisciplinary chemical research enterprise.  The University of Oregon provides a unique setting for such a program because of the Pacific Northwest’s burgeoning high tech industry and because of the number of research groups at Oregon interested in fundamental issues of relevance to the future of microelectronics. 

Program Time Line and Outline
The program provides substantial educational opportunities without increasing the length of the Ph.D. degree.  Students in the program will remain in step with peers following other paths in the chemistry graduate program.   The major elements of the program are chronologically organized below. 

Year 1 - Summer Term
The program begins with a series of three intensive three-week courses in the area of semiconductor device chemistry and physics. The topics of these courses, listed below, have been developed in consultation with industrial partners. During these courses, students will also complete the first of three laboratory rotations in one of the department’s research groups.  These term-long laboratory rotations are designed to provide students with valuable breadth by exposing them to a number of cutting edge research programs at the University of Oregon.  Experience gained during the rotation process provides a sound basis for selection of a Ph.D. advisor/project.   

Year 1 - Fall , Winter and Spring Terms
During these quarters, students in the program complete their second and third research laboratory rotations.  Based on these rotations, students select a Ph.D. project and dissertation advisor(s).  Students complete most of their coursework requirements choosing from a wide range of core and special topics courses that compliment their initial summer work and previous coursework.  Students also take part in professional development activities (e.g. seminars and workshops) offered by the chemistry graduate program.  

As early as spring term of their first year, students participate in a paid industrial internship with one of our local industrial affiliates.  Current partners include Mitsubishi Silicon America, Hyundai Semiconductor, Planar Technologies, LSI Logic, and Intel Corporation.  Furthermore, funding is available for students to establish new partnerships with local companies in areas of special interest to them and their advisor.  Internship projects and companies are intended to compliment a student’s dissertation project. Although we have been successful in placing nearly all of our students, internships are not guaranteed and require a successful interview with the host company.

Original Research and Dissertation
After completing laboratory rotations, students will settle into a research laboratory at the University of Oregon to complete their original research project and dissertation, which form the backbone of their Ph.D.   By starting in the summer, students participating in internships will remain on track with peers who entered the same academic year.  Students in this program, however, will have substantial specialized training and an internship to draw on in their future endeavors. 

For More Information Contact:
Jim Hutchison
Dept of Chemistry
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403
(541) 346-4228

Mark Lonergan
Dept of Chemistry
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403
(541) 346-4748