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Internships Prepare Students for a World Beyond the Classroom

Feedback from students and industrial affiliates suggests that there is a need for polishing/finishing programs that more specifically prepare students to excel in industrial environments. The classroom and laboratory training forms the basis for the internship training. During the final phase of the program, students are placed in internships with our industrial affiliates where they gain practical experience in all aspects of microelectronic device fabrication and polymers and coatings applications. The aim of these nine month long internships is to provide students an introduction to the industrial research setting. This type of practical experience is indispensible as a means of preparing students for the challenges of the industrial workplace.

The Institute has partnered with a wide variety of affiliates to meet the career goals of each student: research or manufacturing at materials-based companies, teaching at four-year colleges, research at national laboratories, or even research at foreign universities.

Please follow these links for more information on the structure of the Internship Programs in Semiconductor Device Processing, Polymers and Coatings and Organic Synthesis.
Congratulations to all the internship program participants awarded internships with Pacific Northwest companies.

Internship Program Placements

Polymers and Coatings Organic Synthesis Semiconductor Device Processing
Bend Research Inc. Invitrogen/Molecular Probes Hewlett Packard
Borden Chemical Helix Hynix
C.W. Group Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Intel
Dynea   LSI Logic
Forrest Paint   Micron Boise
Willamette Valley Co.   Network Elements
    TriQuint Semiconductor