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Application Procedure

No applications are currently being accepted.

Send the following
1. Application (click to download pdf)
2. Contact information for two references (name, affiliation, address, phone #, email)
3. Academic transcript
4. Your contact info (including email, phone, mailing address)

Materials Science Institute
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Contact Anae Rosenberg, Associate Director, Outreach
(541) 346-4762
fax (541) 346-3422



PolyCAMP will not be held in 2008.

We look forward to hosting it again in Summer 2009.


A tightly integrated week of lectures, labs, and career discussions. Tours of local companies illustrate the large-scale implementation of the polymer processes discussed. All expenses are paid. Participants will have transportation to and from Eugene paid for, as well as their room and board.

PolyCamp introduces students to the fundamental concepts, processes, synthesis, and physical characterization of polymers. In addition, to learning about polymer science, a primary goal is to help students make informed career choices.

Funded in part by the National Science Foundation (Division of Materials Research), this expense paid, one-week experience provides undergraduate chemistry majors with the necessary background to understand the language and technology of the polymer industry and the important role chemists play in its future. Participants will tour several polymer companies to see industrial applications of concepts covered in class.


Topics Covered
  • Overview of methods for polymer synthesis
  • Kinetics and mechanisms of the principal polymerization reactions.
  • Techniques for polymer characterization
  • Techniques for predicting the engineering and physical properties of polymers from their molecular structures.
  • Physical characterization of polymers

Faculty Instructors

David Tyler— polymer chemistry and inorganic chemistry

Michael Haley — organic and materials chemistry

Mark Lonergan — polymer chemistry and physical chemistry