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Spend your summer at the University of Oregon and get hands-on experience in a materials science lab!

The University of Oregon offers a variety of programs for undergraduates to learn about different aspects of materials science and get hands-on research experience in the lab. Whether you are looking for a one week or ten week experience, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside graduate students and faculty using state-of-the-art instruments during the week and enjoy the local recreation adventures on the weekends.

Undergraduates who are looking for a summer-long research project to gain vital skills in the lab should check out:

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
With the National Science Foundation, MSI sponsors a ten week summer undergraduate research program for Physics and Chemistry Majors to participate in a wide variety of exciting research projects. It's not all work, however. Having local and regional adventures are a vital component of the program.

Funded in part by the National Science Foundation , these all expenses paid, one-week experience provides undergraduate chemistry and physics majors with the necessary background to understand specialized areas of materials science. All programs involve class time and career discussions to supplement the labs, and tours of local industries illustrate the large-scale implementation of the chemical processes discussed.

RockCAMP incorporates materials synthesis and characterization lectures and labs to prepare students to excel in solid-state inorganic chemistry and materials research.

NSF Summer Program in Solid State & Materials Chemistry
This is a nine-week summer program in solid state chemistry research for undergraduate and college faculty, under the direction of a recognized authority in the field. A stipend plus a housing supplement and travel expenses are paid for all participants by the NSF program.

NSF UCORE - Undergraduate Catalytic Outreach & Research Experience
This 10-week summer program brings student from selected community colleges for a summer research experience in chemistry, physics, or geology. Students then go back to their home schools and are paid to provide outreach to other students during the following school year.