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Tom Keene's On the Economy

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Deficits Have Long-Term Costs for U.S.


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Selected Papers

"Subsample Instability in Money‑Income Causality," Journal of Econometrics

"Financial Market Variables Do Not Predict Real Activity," Economic Inquiry (coauthored with Jo Anna Gray)

"The Effects of Money Growth on Inflation and Interest Rates Across Spectral Frequency Bands," Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking

"The Effects of Inside and Outside Money on Industrial Production across Spectral Frequency Bands," The Review of Economics and Statistics

"The Implications for an Open Economy Model of Partisan Political Business Cycles," in European Journal of Political Economy, (coauthored with Chris Ellis)

"Partisan Effects in Economies with Variable Election Terms," Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (coauthored with Chris Ellis).

"Credibility and Political Business Cycles," Journal of Macroeconomics (coauthored with Chris Ellis).

"Market Adjustments over Transportation Networks: A Time Series Analysis of Grain Movements on the Mississippi Inland Waterway System," Journal of the Transport Economics and Policy (coauthored with Wesley W. Wilson).

"Some International Evidence on the Exogeneity of the Ex-Ante Real Rate of Interest and the Rationality of Expectations," Journal of Macroeconomics

Structural Change and Lag Length in VAR Models, Journal of Macroeconomics