Math 251 (Phillips) Midterm 2

Three important notes on Midterm 2

Midterm 2 will be Wednesday 15 November in class.

Midterm 2 will be considerably more difficult than Midterm 1.

On maximization/minimization problems, a large part of the credit will be for correctly identifying the interval over which the maximization or minimization should be done, and for mathematically verifying that your claimed maximum or minimum really is one. Neither of these steps is tested on WeBWorK.

The Midterm 2 review session is Monday 13 November, 6--8 pm, 104 Deady.

Math 251 (Phillips) Midterm 2 Sample Problems

There are four primary sources for sample problems for Midterm 2:

Solutions to items in the list above:

Math 251 (Phillips) Midterm 2

The real exam and its solutions will not be posted until after the exam is administered.

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