Summaries of the lecture topics are available here. Notes to almost all of the talks were provided by Pavel Safronov.

Monday, August 13th

9:00 David Ben-Zvi

9:45 Iordan Ganev
Representations of finite groups

11:00 Ben Elias / Alex Ellis
The monadicity theorem

1:30 Philsang Yoo
Introduction to infinity categories

2:45 David Platt
Stable infinity categories

4:00 Patrick Schultz
Monoidal infinity categories

Tuesday, August 14th

9:00 David Ben-Zvi

9:45 Evan Jenkins
Categorical representations of finite groups

11:00 Zsuzsanna Dansco / Jaimal Thind
TFT basics

1:30 Pavel Safronov / Lee Cohn
The cobordism hypothesis

2:45 Shilin Yu
Dualizability and dimensions

4:00 David Jordan

5:15 Noah Snyder
Fusion categories

Wednesday, August 15th

9:00 David Ben-Zvi

9:45 Justin Hilburn
Quasicoherent sheaves

11:00 Chris Elliott
Algebra with quasicoherent sheaves

1:30 hike

6:30 pizza and other food in University Park

Thursday, August 16th

9:00 David Ben-Zvi

9:45 Hendrik Orem
Basics of D-modules

11:00 Ian Le / Chunyi Li
Beilinson-Bernstein localization

1:30 Travis Schedler
Smooth G-categories

2:45 Rahbar Virk
The Hecke category

4:00 Laura Rider
Character sheaves

Friday, August 17th

9:00 David Ben-Zvi

9:45 Michael Groechenig
The character theory

11:00 Sam Gunningham
Character theory on surfaces

1:30 David Ben-Zvi
Geomeric theory of characters

2:45 David Ben-Zvi
Character theory and Langlands duality