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Welcome to the Northwest Indian Language Institute

The Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI) provides Native language teachers and community members with training in language teaching, materials and curriculum development, benchmarks creation, and linguistics. With tribal partners, NILI supports and strengthens language preservation efforts by establishing collaborative, on-going projects which meet the specific needs and desires of each language community.

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NILI Announcements


NILI’s 2015 Summer Institute Registration is NOW OPEN!

Please complete the registration form found here: NILI SI 2015 Registration Form. This year’s offerings include courses in Teaching or Documentation Methods, Linguistics, Native language courses, Advocacy, Materials Development, and a Weekend Workshop. Come join the fun and learning!

Scholarship applications for NILI’s 2015 Summer Institute are now available!

The deadline for the 2015 scholarship applications is April 1, 2015. Please see our “Summer Institute” page for more information. You can also click on this link to download a scholarship application: NILI 2015 Scholarship Application.

NILI 2014-15 Newsletter is available now!

Check out what’s going on at the Northwest Indian Language Institute. Our current newsletter is online. Just click on the image to follow the link and see what we’ve been up to.


Mother Tongue Day

On February 21, 2015, be sure to observe International Mother Language Day, by speaking your native language. See our facebook page for suggestions on how to participate in Mother Tongue Day: Check out our flyer here:


NILI Online!

Professional Development for Teachers of Native American Languages

Beginning Fall 2014, NILI began piloting a series of one unit, teacher education courses that are being delivered over the internet. These distance education courses will be offered through UO’s Academic Extension office. Undergraduate and graduate credit is offered for each course.

Winter Term
Teaching your Language to Others
starts January 5

This is the second in a series of three online professional development courses designed for teachers of Native American languages. Becoming a Native language teacher can be about teaching your own children, becoming a language mentor, or becoming a formal teacher in a school or language program. With Indigenous language teaching what methods work? What doesn’t work? How can we best serve our learners? This course is designed to expand your “toolkit” so you can better share your language with others.

Fall term
Lifelong Language Learning,
course wrapping up now

Participants in the first course will build skills for lifelong language learning (LLL). The main goal of the course is to fortify participants with strategies for lifelong language learning and to help equip them with tools to make that process easier.


NILI Welcomes 5 GTFs: For Fall 2014, NILI welcomes 4 Graduate Teaching Fellows (GTFs) to our family, who will be working on various projects. These are: Marnie Atkins, Zalmai Zahir, Holly Lakey, Jaeci Hall, and Regan Anderson.