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University of Oregon

Panels and showcase

Friday, June 30

6:30pm Plenary panel – “Twenty Years of Language Work”

Elders, community members, faculty and staff who were instrumental in the founding of NILI will discuss what they have learned from doing language work during the past twenty years, and how NILI has shaped or contributed to the work going on in their communities.

Saturday, July 1

8:30am Community showcase – The State of the Region

Representatives from language programs throughout the Pacific Northwest showcase their current language revitalization efforts.

1:00pm The Gift of Knowledge/Ttnuwit Atawish Nch’inch’imami

Remarks in celebration of Dr. Virginia Beavert

  4:15pm Special session on language revitalization in Australia

Daryn McKenny, from the Miromaa Aboriginal and Technology Centre, will be joining us from Sydney, Australia. Daryn helped to develop the Miromaa software program as a way of reclaiming his heritage Awabakal language, and has been very active in revitalization efforts among Aboriginal communities across Australia, including organizing an annual conference called the Puliima National Indigenous Language and Technology Forum. Daryn will give a presentation titled, “It’s not just a Journey, it’s an Adventure!”