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University of Oregon


Southwest Oregon Athabaskan Languages (SWOAL) Project

Starting in the Fall of 2016, NILI is excited to begin working with Tututni scholars to create a lexical database of Southwest Oregon Athabaskan Languages (SWOAL) materials. This database will aid learners by providing a single resource that contains publicly available language resources and documentation on Tututni, Coquille and Galice. A majority of these resources have not been made accessible to today’s learning communities, as they have never been transcribed or transliterated from their original formats. This database will serve as a language revitalization resource needed by peoples within the Pacific Coast Athabaskan language community, and will aid the broader Athabaskan linguistic community by facilitating both language learning and analysis. Since there is no one unified record of Southwest Oregon Athapaskan, this project will greatly assist language learners and linguists alike by providing a comprehensive analytical resource to aid their language revitalization and academic projects. The project team is working carefully to ensure that outputs from this project 1) are helpful to community language revitalization efforts, 2) increase opportunities for partnerships between language revitalizers and the scholarly community and 3) protect the integrity of culturally important information that might be found within source documents.


Project team members (l-to-r) Jaeci Hall, Carson Viles, and Jerome Viles at their weekly meeting

The project is possible by the support of the National Science Foundations (NSF) as part of their Documenting Endangered Language’s (DEL) program.