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University of Oregon

Summer Institute


NILI Summer Institute 2015

June 22-July 2, 2015


More information on Summer Institute 2015 will be added as it becomes available.


Summer Institute 2015 Scholarship Applications Now Available!

The deadline to submit a scholarship application is April 1, 2015. You can find the scholarship form here: NILI 2015 Scholarship Application

Summer Institute Teacher Training Program

At NILI’s 2-week teacher training Summer Institute Native language teachers and learning study linguistics, an indigenous language, teaching methods, and language activisim, and apply teaching strategies and develop materials to take home to your classroom.


  • Learn how to teach whole language (moving from words to sentences)
  • Have guided teaching opportunities
  • Create needed language materials for your community
  • Learn more about the structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation of your language
  • Experience language learning from a student point of view
  • Become more familiar with a variety of teaching practices and methods
  • Speak in your language with your team members and classmates


Summer Institute Youth Program

High school students study language, linguistics and teaching methods, and design and create activities to support preschool learners. Guest speakers (UO faculty and Native students) present information and experiences introducing youth to college life and creating a bridge to higher education. Students are mentored in project brainstorming, planning, linguistic guidance, pedagogy, evaluation, tool support, and product delivery.


  • Gain skills in language learning
  • Take on leadership roles in language preservation and teaching while demonstrating a commitment to their Tribe’s values and traditions.
  • Become more technologically literate
  • Learn to manage their own projects
  • Contribute to language revitalization within their communities