UO QuarkNet Workshop July 6-8, 2011,  Willamette Hall, Room 412, University of Oregon (Directions)

Program Outline, links to talks or related sites:
(updated 19Jul2011)

Wed July 6
Thu July 7

9:00 Wil Hall 412: Gather, eat snacks, drink
coffee, etc
9:30 Introductions, plans and goals
9:00  Coffee, etc
9:30 Discuss day's activities;
The UO "Particle Physics Slam"
Ray Frey, "Connecting detectors to particles" (pdf, 6MB)
Prof Jim Brau, Talk, Q&A: "Particles, Forces, and Galaxies: In Pursuit of Dark Mysteries" (pdf, 31MB)
10:00 - 11:00
Cosmic ray detectors II
1:30-3:00Prof Eric Torrence, Talk , Q&A "The LHC" status and how it is going to change our view of Nature (pdf, 11MB)Discussion, all: "What good classroom projects I did in 2010-11 and my plans for 2011-12."
3:30-4:30Connecting students to the LHC -- Bob Green's wiki;
The QuarkNet LHC resource
Tour of UO Accelerator Lab: Robert Schofield
I. Cosmic ray detectors I -- set up in Wil 315
II.  UO cloud chamber set up (Wil 110)
Cloud chamber options (Kris):
option I
option II
Cosmic ray detectors III
Wrap up

Jim Brau (UO Physics)
Ron Crawford (Bend HS)
Ray Frey (UO Physics)
Bob Green (Thurston HS, Springfield)
Art Liddle (Springfield HS)
Eric Torrence (UO Physics)
Dave Trapp (QuarkNet, ret)
Asher Tubman (South Eugene HS)
Kris Whelan (QuarkNet, UW)

Other Documents:

Public presentation at Jefferson Lab (UTube)Jim Brau2011
DAQ board command "cheat sheet" (pdf)
Rob Tinnell
July 2008
Decoding the DAQ board  (pdf)
Rob Tinnell
July 2008
Plateauing a CRD (pdf)
Rob Tinnell
July 2008
QuarkNet/WALTA CRD User's Manual (pdf, only 1.6 Mb)
Jordan, et al
ca 2006
QuarkNet: How to build a cloud chamber
Andrew Foland, Cornell ?