Below are a few papers resulting from some of my (and students' and colleagues') research in Baja California (Mexico), southern California (USA), and eastern Oregon.

Dorsey, R.J., and Lazear, G. (in press) A Post 6-Ma Sediment Budget for the Colorado River. Geosphere (accepted, 8/15/12).

Dorsey, R.J., Axen, G.J., Peryam, T.C., and Kairouz, M.E. (2012) Initiation of the southern Elsinore fault at ~1.2 Ma: Evidence from the Fish Creek – Vallecito Basin, southern California. Tectonics: v. 31, TC2006, doi:10.1029/2011TC003009.

Dorsey, R.J. (2012) Earliest delivery of sediment from the Colorado River to the Salton Trough at 5.3 Ma: Evidence from Split Mountain Gorge. In: Reynolds, R.E. (ed.) Searching for the Pliocene: southern exposures. Proceedings of the 2012 Desert Symposium, p. 88-93.

Dorsey, R.J., and Umhoefer, P.J. (2012) Influence of sediment input and plate-motion obliquity on basin development along an active oblique-divergent plate boundary: Gulf of California and Salton Trough. In: Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins: Recent Advances (C. Busby and A. Azor, Editors), Blackwell Publishing, p. 209-225.

Dorsey, R.J., Housen, B.A., Janecke, S.U., Fanning, C.M., and Spears, A.L.F.* (2011) Stratigraphic record of basin development within the San Andreas fault system: Late Cenozoic Fish Creek-Vallecito basin, southern California. Geological Society America Bulletin, v. 123, p. 771-793.

Peryam, T.C.*, Dorsey, R.J., and Bindeman, I. (2011) Plio-Pleistocene climate change and timing of Peninsular Ranges uplift in southern California: Evidence from paleosols and stable isotopes in the Fish Creek-Vallecito basin. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaoecology.v. 305, p. 65-74.

LaMaskin, T.A.*, Vervoort, J.D., Dorsey, R.J., and Wright, J.E. (2011) Early Mesozoic paleogeography and tectonic evolution of the western United States: Insights from detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Blue Mountains Province, northeastern Oregon. GSA Bulletin, v. 123, p. 1939-1965.

Dorsey, R.J. (2010). Sedimentation and crustal recycling along an active oblique-rift margin: Salton Trough and northern Gulf of California. Geology, v. 38, p. 443-446.

LaMaskin, T.A., Schwartz, J.J., Dorsey, R.J., Snoke, A.W., Johnson, K., and Vervoort, J.D. (2009) Mesozoic sedimentation, magmatism, and tectonics in the Blue Mountains Province, northeastern Oregon, in O’Connor, J.E., Dorsey, R.J., and Madin, I.P., eds., Volcanoes to Vineyards: Geologic Field Trips through the Dynamic Landscape of the Pacific Northwest: Geological Society of America Field Guide 15, p. 187-202, doi: 10.1130/2009. fl d015(09).

Steely, A.N., Janecke, S.U., Dorsey, R.J., and Axen, G.J. (2009) Early Pleistocene initiation of the San Felipe fault zone, SW Salton Trough, during reorganization of the San Andreas fault system. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 121, p. 663-687.

LaMaskin, T.A., Dorsey, R.J., and Vervoort, J.D. (2008) Tectonic controls on mudrock geochemistry, Mesozoic rocks of eastern Oregon and western Idaho, U.S.A.: Implications for Cordilleran tectonics. Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 78, p.765-783.

Dorsey, R.J., and LaMaskin, T.A. (2008) Mesozoic collision and accretion of oceanic terranes in the Blue Mountains Province of northeastern Oregon: New Insights from the stratigraphic record. In: Spencer, J. (ed.) Arizona Geological Survey Special Volume "Ores and Orogenesis: Circum-Pacific Tectonics, Geologic Evolution, and Ore Deposits", p. 325-332.

Chronology of Miocene-Pliocene deposits at Split Mountain Gorge, southern California: A record of regional tectonics and Colorado River evolution (2007). Dorsey, R.J., Fluette, A., McDougall, K.A., Housen, B.A., Janecke, S.U., Axen, G.J., and Shirvell, C.R, Geololgy, v. 35, p. 57-60.

Dorsey R.J., and LaMaskin, T.A. (2007) Stratigraphic record of Triassic-Jurassic collisional tectonics in the Blue Mountains Province, northeastern Oregon. American Journal of Science, vol. 307, p. 1167-1193.

Kirby, S.M., Janecke, S.U., Dorsey, R.J., Housen, B.A., Langenheim, V., McDougall, K., and Steely, A.N. (2007) Pleistocene Brawley and Ocotillo formations: Evidence for initial strike-slip deformation along the San Felipe and San Jacinto fault zones, southern California. Journal of Geology, vol. 115, p. 43-62.

Toney Butte paper (2007) - Structural controls on mid-Cretaceous sedimentation in the Toney Butte area of the Mitchell Inlier, Ochoco basin, central Oregon. Geological Society of America Special Paper: Convergent Margin Terranes and Associated Regions. Edited by M. Cloos, W.D. Carlson, M.C. Gilbert, J.G. Liou, and S.S. Sorensen, p. 97-115.

Borrego Badlands paper (2006) - Stratigraphic record of Pleistocene faulting and basin evolution in the Borrego Badlands, San Jacinto fault zone, southern California. Lutz, A.T., Dorsey, R.J., Housen, B.A., and Janecke, S.U., GSA Bulletin, v. 118, p. 1377-1397.

Salton Trough Synthesis (2006) - Stratigraphy, tectonics, and basin evolution in the Anza-Borrego Desert region. Dorsey, R.J., in: Jefferson, G.T. and Lindsay, L.E. (eds.) Fossil Treasures of Anza-Borrego Desert. Sunbelt Publications, San Diego, CA, p. 89-104.

San Jacinto F.Z. Geomorphology paper (2006) - Quaternary landscape evolution in the San Jacinto fault zone, Peninsular Ranges of southern California: Transient response to strike-slip fault initiation. Dorsey, R.J., and Roering, J.J., Geomorphology, v. 73(1-2), p. 16-32.

RCL Workshop Report (2006) - Report on RCL-Cortez Workshop: Lithospheric Rupture in the Gulf of California – Salton Trough Region. MARGINS Newsletter, No. 16, Spring 2006, p. 9-13. Dorsey et al.

Mitchell paleomag paper (2005) - Paleomagnetism and tectonic significance of Albian and Cenomanian turbidites, Ochoco Basin, Mitchell Inlier, central Oregon. Housen, B. A. and Dorsey, R.J., Jour. Geoph. Research. vol. 110, B07102, doi:10.1029/2004JB003458.

Coyote Creek paper (2002) - Stratigraphic record of Pleistocene initiation and slip on the Coyote Creek fault, lower Coyote Creek, southern California. Dorsey, R.J. In: Barth, A. (ed.) Contributions to Crustal Evolution of the Southwest United States: Boulder, Co. Geolgical Society of America Special Paper 365, p. 251-269.

Loreto Margin paper (2002) - Evolution of the margin of the Gulf of California near Loreto, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. Umhoefer, P.J., Mayer, L., and Dorsey, R.J., GSA Bulletin, vol. 114, p. 849-868.

Carmen paper (2001) - Late Miocene to Pliocene stratigraphic evolution of northeast Carmen Island, Gulf of California: implications for oblique-rifting tectonics. Dorsey, R.J., Umhoefer, P.J., Ingle, J.C., and Mayer, M. Sedimentary Geology, vol. 144, p. 97-123.

Loreto Comondu paper (2001) - Stratigraphy and geochronology of the Comondú Group near Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Umhoefer, P.J., Dorsey, R.J., Willsey, S.*, Mayer, L., and Renne, P. Sedimentary Geology, vol. 144, p. 125-147.

Loreto Sequence Stratigraphy paper (2000) - Tectonic and eustatic controls on sequence stratigraphy of the Pliocene Loreto basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Dorsey, R.J. and Umhoefer, P.J., GSA Bulletin, v. 112, p. 177-199.

Laguna Salada paper (1999) - Sedimentation and deformation in a Pliocene-Pleistocene transtensional supradetachment basin, Laguna Salada, Northwest Mexico. Dorsey, R.J. and Martín-Barajas, A. Basin Research, vol. 11, p. 205-221.

Loreto Mixed Carbos paper (1999) - Mixed carbonate-siliciclastic sedimentation on a tectonically active margin: Example from the Pliocene of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Dorsey, R.J. and Kidwell, S.M., Geology, v. 27, p. 935-938.

Loreto EQ Cluster paper (1997) Earthquake clustering and stacked Gilbert-type fan deltas in the Pliocene Loreto Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Dorsey, R.J., Umhoefer, P.J., and Falk, P. Geology, v. 25, p. 679-682.

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