Job Description
Volunteer Recycler


Department: Facilities Services
Program/Shop: Campus Recycling
Position: Volunteer Recycler
Office of Human Resources Job Classification: Unpaid version of Student Assistant 1
Wage: Unpaid volunteer


  1. Ability to regularly lift up to 40 pounds
  2. Good physical condition
  3. Reliable fulfillment of volunteer shifts chosen
  4. Ability and commitment to educating event patrons on waste reduction procedures
  5. Good communication, public relations, and customer service skills
  6. Ability to work well with little or no direct supervision
  7. Adherence to safety procedures as imparted by Program staff

Volunteer Recyclers perform various unpaid recycling and waste reduction duties in conjunction with University of Oregon events, including the fall and spring ASUO Street Faires, and the Willamette Valley Music Festival.

Duties include:

  1. Act as liaison and educational resource between Campus Recycling and event patrons
  2. Assist event patrons on proper materials disposal and recycling
  3. Answer questions about waste reduction and recycling
  4. Transfer recyclables and compostable between event collection containers and Program transport containers and vehicles
  5. Monitor collection containers for contaminants
  6. Report issues and problems to an event staff member in an expeditious manner
  7. Other duties as needed to supplement and enhance the above
  8. Perform volunteer duties safely, and in accordance with the safety training and Personal Protective Equipment provided


Volunteer Recyclers typically work out-of-doors at stationary duty posts and may encounter inclement weather, heat, cold, sun, rain, etc. (protective clothing and equipment is provided as needed). Routine duties include the lifting and transferring of bags of compost and recyclables. The position requires the ability to lift up to 40 pounds, push, pull, bend, stoop, etc.. Volunteers must also be capable of remaining at an event monitor post for reasonable periods of time


Volunteer Recyclers volunteer for work shifts of their own choosing, but are then expected to fulfill the shift commitment. Events may take place any time of the day or week, including evenings and weekends and evenings. Volunteer shifts can occur in the early morning and extend into the late evening.


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