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A new innovative company that not only provides you
with the equipment you need but also provides expert hands-on consultation to plan, implement and track your recycling program.

Recycle Away -

Heavy Duty Dome Lids
White Buckets - events food waste

Containers and other items used for Zero Waste events recycling
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max-R (855) 204-3560

UO Zero Waste Station by max-RMaxR Zero Waste Station
ZERO WASTE Desk Side Bins
Busch Systems 1-800-565-9931

20-Gal. Galvanized Garbage Can with Lid
Manufacturer/Supplier: Behrends
Stock # - 20

All indoor paper recycling sites requiring fire-rated equipment
All indoor bottle/can recycling sites when used with Bagit leakproof liner.

Program does not use disposable plastic bags for servicing. All servicing is done without disposable bags. Reusable leakproof bags are utilized in galvanized cans for bottle/can collection.

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Large Fiber and Plastic Barrels
Free from local Electrical Industry

All loading dock central collection areas for non-paper collection.


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32 gal. Rubbermaid containers
For recycling stations at campus events.
From local building supply store. Used for vendor and public sites.

White Buckets
For food waste at events and prep food collection at campus cafes.
Collected from Housing Kitchens

In-Room Recycling Bins
Busch Systems 1-800-565-9931

Provided to each Residence Hall room for toting materials to central recycling site.

Bagit Original Bag-and-Rack Collection System recycling collection bags
Manufacturer/Supplier: The Bag Connection 1-800-622-2448
Stock #'s
White Bags - 05WP
Blue Bags - 05BP
Green Bags - 05GP
Orange Bags - 05CP
Single Bag Rack - 06P
Double Bag Rack - 07P
Leak proof 14-gal. Liner - 05L (for use with Bag Racks)
Leak proof Custom-made Liner - Custom (for use in 20-gal. cans)
Steel Enclosures - None (require Bagit Original bags as inserts)

Utilized in all indoor paper recycling sites not requiring fire-rated equipment, such as copy rooms.
All bottle/can collection sites.


Reusable Canvas Lunch Bags

Bottles and Cans Leak Proof Bag

Bagit Steel Enclosures
(require Bagit Original bags as inserts)

Manufacturer/Supplier: The Bag Connection

Utilized in buildings for public recycling collection of paper and glass/metal plastic sites. These are provided and paid for by the building and typically are installed and budgeted for in all campus building remodels and new construction.

Personal Protection Equipment
From Local Safety Supply Store

Heavy Duty Dome Lids fit "55 gal. barrels"
Recycle Away Systems & Solutions -

Utilized for outdoor/loading dock Residence Hall locations.

Honeyman Handtrucks
Honeyman Aluminium Products

These handtrucks are excellent. Program purchases and installs pneumatic wheels for heavy loads and noise factor. This handtruck is built such that individual parts can be replaced. An excellent essential Program tool.


3-tiered Deskside Sorting Boxes
Manufacturer/Supplier: Columbia Corrugated Box Co.

Distributed to all campus users for use in deskside recycling.


Metal Gaylords for processing and marketing materials
Supplied by Contractor

Outside Collection Containers - PDO's (Public Drop Off's)
1901 Roxborough Road Suite 300 Charlotte, North Carolina 28211 TEL: 877-468-9278

In addition to the above list of largely indoor equipment, the UO Zero Waste Program has also sited numerous outdoor Public Drop-Off (PDO) recycling stations in high-traffic areas along the main campus thoroughfares and public gathering areas and in all centralized recycling/garbage sites in off-campus apartment complexes. These large units, manufactured by De Wald Northwest (now Wastequip Oregon), are divided into separate cubicle-style recycling partitions with recycling openings and hinged service doors. Depending upon the PDO style, fiber barrels or a plastic tub-style insert allows for quick and easy transfer of the contents. PDO's at the U of O are typically set up to handle a multi-part sort of all Glass-Metal-Plastic grades and Paper..



Screen Printing
Condor Screen Printing
T-Shirts, sweatshirts, canvas shopping bags

All decals are designed and printed in-house and
For More Decals Click HERE

for special orders contact these good folks
Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources -

Reusable Mugs
Steel Mugs: Artek USA -

Click HERE to see the printers proof sheet

Clip Mugs: Artek USA
Phone: 1-909-596-8833

Corrugated Plastic Signs
Towers Marketing
1015 Arrowsmith St. Eugene, OR, 97402 Tel.: 1-541-342-8665
To see more Signs click HERE

Wood Recycling Bin
Supplied by Hauler

Cardboard Recycle Bin
Supplied by Hauler

Newspaper Recycling Bin
Supplied by Hauler

Crew Break Room
Decorations by the crew

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