Contest & Competitions

There are many different ways to hold a competition or contest. Simple ideas include holding a recycled art contest or creating a design contest. Making a waste reduction crossword puzzle or holding a drawing are also creative ideas. Guess the weight is another idea.

Competitions are more complex but can be very effective. Holding competitions between dorms are popular. Often University Housing areas can offer pizza or ice cream rewards to dorm participants. This also provides and opportunity to promote the waste reduction/recycling efforts going on at the University and additionally provide incentive for the program to track materials and present cost-benefit information to Housing and University officials.

National challenges are popping up around the country that offer an opportunity for friendly competition amongst schools. Colleges can also use the idea of these challenges to compete internally, for example, do your own competition between residence halls or campus buildings before or in addition to participating in national challenges. The most popular challenges are: Recyclemania, Green Cup Challenge, EPA Game Day Challenge and the Green Cup. Others are out there and this is an exciting opportunity to kick off UO Zero Waste Programs, energy programs and other sustainability initiatives.

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