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The world is evolving daily and it is important for recycling programs to grow with the changing world. This section presents current events in waste management and other environmental issues of interest.

Campus Recycling works with the media on a regular basis to promote program successes and also provide educational information. The media is a powerful tool not only to get the word out but to keep in touch with the world around us. Enjoy this information and other newsworthy items are always welcome. If you have an article or publication you would like included in this section, please contact us at:


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
America's Crazed Consumerism Biodiesel Capannori Italy – A Zero Waste champion
Garbage is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Corporate Fuel Economy Standards Dining hall's plastic plates save money, cut garbage
PRECYCLING PENN State 'Zero Waste' Goals
Recycle Old Windows and Extend Your Garden Recycling starts with reduction Reducing Junk Mail
Tossing water bottles? Think again: Lug a Jug! Wasting away: Industry Water Wise Landscaping

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