With all the talk about saving the trees, animals and stopping global climate change. We still have to remember the very basic of human needs, "WATER". Did you know that you can survive for upwards of two weeks without food, but you would die in a matter of days without water. That is why we must do whatever we can to keep our drinking water supply clean. We must also protect it to keep our planet healthy so it can sustain us for generations to come. Below you will find ways to help conserve resources and above all to help save water.

Many campuses are embarking on campaigns to: educate about world water issues; encourage campus to use refillable water containers and stop purchase of bottled water; installing refill spouts on campus drinking fountains and working on getting campus bottled water bans.

This is a critical issue that effects all of us. Take a moment to look at the information we have presented here on bottled water and take steps on your campus to encourage people to stop drinking bottled water. Also colleges utilize water for campus grounds and sewage. Schools are looking at xeriscaping as an opportunity to conserve water. Gray water systems are another practice that is slowly coming forth as something that can be done within building codes to reduce campus water use.

Bottled Water Issues
Water Bottle Think Before You Drink


Reduce Your Water Footprint by Wheels For Wishes


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