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English Translation of the Photo Captions
in the Memorial Book of Mir

Our thanks to Israel Shifron, chairman of the Mir landsmanschaft, for permission to put this material on the Mir web site.

With great appreciation to Eli Beane and Israel Shifron and others who translated these captions to make the story of Mir accessable to many more people. We hope that others will provide translations of photo captions on other pages. (Please contact me if you can help.)

These translations are from the Mir, Belarus: Sefer Mir (Memorial book of Mir), Editors: N. Blumenthal, Jerusalem, The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora, 1962 (H,Y,E, 768 pages)

Digital images of all the pages and photographs referred to can be seen at the web site for Yizkor Books provided by the New York Public Library.

page or column  Photo Caption (comments)
title page  Books of Memorial of Diaspora Communities, The Mir Book, (by the Organization of Olim (Immigrants) from Mir, Edited by N. Blumenthal, photo/Yeshivat Mir - The Mirer Yeshiva (Yiddish), Published by the "Encyclopedia of the Diasporas", Jerusalem
back of title page

Stamped: New York Public Library, Astor Lenox and Tilden Foundations;
Members of Editorial Staff, and Members   of the Book Committee: M. Tikitinsky, S. Reznik, Natan Garzi (Grazi ?), M. Reuvani, Nisan Gardi, S. Margolin, Beruryah Rosenblum, Eliezer Breslin, Dov Reznik (Beretshke), M. Kreinovitz, Moshe Yorshan

29/30 The sight of the town from afar (panoramic)
31/32 The market/ Der Mark
33/34 The palace/ der schloss
35/36 "The castle and the bridge"/ Der Shlaas un dee breack.
37/38 The Cold Synagogue/Children outside Shul
39/40 The scenery of town
205/206 This is the market place. (The first building on the left is a pharmacy. It belonged to the Chaimovitz family.)
213/214 A group of teachers and others active in the folk school. 1929. (School founded in 1917.)
Seating from the right, Giliat, Rivka Kremer, Ester Bernak, Zvia Peker, Feigel Kopelevitz, Moshe Kaminar, Elka Ressel, Pikus, Simcha Resnik* & Leiser Grande. (*Resnik was chairman of the Mir Landsmen in Israel for many years.)
  Note: Some information in parentheses has been added by the translator and is based on personal knowledge.

Updated January 2011


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