This space exists for RL grad students, both current and prospective, to stay up-to-date with RLGSA events, activities, and Open Meeting dates and times. Browse officer bios and contact information, check out our calendar of events, become familiar with our constitution, and more. Check back often to stay informed!


Historical Summary

We, the RLGSA held our first informal meeting in the Fall of 2009. In September 2010, a meeting was called as part of Orientation Week to raise awareness of the desire and need for a unified student body representing the graduate students in the Department of Romance Languages. That same year, nominations for representatives of all three languages were encouraged and volunteers stepped forward. We held our next meeting in February of 2011 and we have met two to four times a month since then. We held our first official elections of the RLGSA Executive Board on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011, and were officially recognized by the ASUO on February 24th, 2012.

Goal Statement

  1. To provide graduate students in the Department of Romance Languages an environment conducive to the successful completion of both personal and academic objectives.
  2. To develop a space for productive discussions of concerns, issues, and ideas in a professional and supportive atmosphere, and to advocate for the interests of the graduate students in the Department of Romance Languages.
  3. To create an opportunity for graduate students and professors to socialize and interact in formal and informal settings, and to develop active mentorship between faculty and graduate students, as well as between graduate and undergraduate students.
  4. To organize intradepartmental events as well as community projects in order to build community and foster collaboration and academic growth.
  5. To promote cultural and linguistic growth and awareness of Romance languages within the University of Oregon.


Active Members

Associate Members

Inactive Members

Inactive members shall include alumni who earned a graduate degree from the Department of Romance Languages and undergraduate majors in the Department of Romance Languages. Inactive members shall have the privilege of attending general meetings of the RLGSA as silent observers, but cannot vote or run for office.

Executive Board

Officers' Duties

Non-Office Positions

Upcoming Events