This space exists for RL grad students, both current and prospective, to stay up-to-date with RLGSA events, activities, and Open Meeting dates and times. Browse officer bios and contact information, check out our calendar of events, become familiar with our constitution, and more. Check back often to stay informed!

Past and Featured Events

Open Meetings

These meetings are open to all graduate students in the department and provide an opportunity to voice concerns and share ideas. The goal of these meeting is to ensure that everyone is heard and has a chance to contribute to the development of a sense of community and professionalism in the department. We meet every other week. Check the calendar on the home page to find out the dates and location!

Coffee Hour

This event is one of the most popular events hosted by RLGSA! Graduate students and faculty members are invited to come and mingle over (free) coffee and tea. It is held every other week at the Mills International Center. Check the calendar for dates and time.

The Romance Languages Graduate Conference

The RL graduate students organize and host a biannual Romance Languages Graduate Student Conference. This two-day academic event is made possible with the help of the Romance Language Department, but is largely organized and managed by Graduate Students: catering, hosting, keynote speakers, fund raising, managing, organizing and delegating. The conference aims to appealing to a broad base of disciplines; graduate students from various department and from around the country and abroad present and voice their ideas among peers; and respected faculty and researchers share their work related to issues within the Romance Language world. Undergraduate students from the Honors College are also highly encouraged to attend the conference and participate in the roundtable discussions. The RL Graduate Student Conference took place on November 19th and 20th 2010, and has was an inspiring and successful event. One goal of the RLGSA, in particular, is to foster collaborative efforts among RL Graduate students in order to make the conference organization process more efficient, and to ensure that it maintains high standards and continues to promote the educational quality of the University of Oregon.

Faculty and Students Works-in-progress

The RLGSA organizes Works-in-Progress events with faculty members and students alike, in order to develop mentorship and a sense of community in the RL department, as well as to encourage the exchange of ideas and professional growth and collaboration. These events feature three to four faculty members or graduate students who present their work in a friendly and supportive environment, so that ideas and feedback can be shared. Furthermore, the WIP events toallow the RL community to learn about the interests and projects undertaken by RL faculty and students beyond the classroom (conferences, publications, etc).

Romance Languages Cultural Event

The RLGSA is hosting this social event for the first time in the Spring of 2012, with the help of the RL Department. The event will unite faculty and graduate students on the basis of shared cultural and linguistic interests. RL graduate students, faculty, and staff will share food and musical performances in an informal environment.

Upcoming Events