Safe Ride is funded by student incidental fees, and so we can only provide rides to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Oregon.
Safe Ride provides rides to anyone who feels unsafe walking alone at night and operates with the belief that people should not have to change their daily routine on the basis of fear. Our goal is to make our campus and the lives of campus members safer by providing a transportation alternative to those who feel threatened walking alone at night.

We do not start operating until the evening, but our phone system is accepting messages all day.
If you would like to call and reserve a ride, please leave your name, phone number, time of pickup, pickup location and drop-off location, student ID number, and the number of riders.

Safe Ride does not call its riders when the van arrives to its pickup location.
We typically only have one dispatcher in the office at any given time, and do not have the ability to call our riders while still taking new phone calls. Please be on time for your ride. Our drivers are often on a very tight schedule and extensive waits will not only cause problems with our scheduling, but may put another rider’s safety in jeopardy. If you are 5 or more minutes late, you will lose your ride.

If you decide to cancel, please call us.
If you decide you no longer need a ride from us, please call as soon as possible. Canceled rides give us the opportunity to offer your time slot to another rider. Riders who do not show up to their scheduled ride three times during the year will lose the privilege of riding with Safe Ride.

If we are late to pick you up, call and check in.
If we are running late, our dispatchers make every effort to notify you. Do not assume that we have forgotten you. If we do not show up at the scheduled time, please call in to make inquiries.

Safe Ride takes a maximum of 3 people per group.
This is because the risk of assault significantly decreases in groups of 4 or more. Also, our vans have a capacity for 5 riders, and we attempt to serve as many people as possible.
Please note: If you schedule a ride for 3 or fewer and more show up expecting rides, no one will receive a ride. We have a strict policy of 3 per group, and do not want to put anyone at risk by leaving part of the group behind. Do not schedule your group in two separate rides. If we find one party is scheduling two or more rides, no one will receive a ride. The mission of Safe Ride is to prevent assault, not to be a taxi service.

Only pre-approved exception riders are allowed to receive rides outside of Safe Ride boundaries.
To become an exception rider, meet with one of the Co-Directors in the women’s center and we may be able to approve your rides.

If you need multiple rides, please wait until you have completed your first ride before calling in to schedule another.
Also, we do not do “out and back” rides, taking a rider to a location for a moment and then right back to their original location, nor do we stop en route to a destination.

Absolutely NO alcohol permitted in the vans, open or closed. No exceptions.