we are currently hiring for our core staff leadership team!

if you are interested in one of our core staff positions, we would encourage you to read more about the position descriptions for co-director, volunteer and fundraising coordinator, and education coordinator. please compile all application materials into 1 document and email to saferide@uoregon.edu or staple together if turning in a hard copy. you can access the application for all positions as a word doc and as a pdf.

applications are due by wednesday 5/2 at 5p. feel free to reach out with any questions about our open leadership positions!

we are not currently hiring dispatchers!

if you are interested in joining our team, you are welcome to email us a completed application for us to review upon vacancies. applications for the dispatcher position are available as a word doc and as a pdf.

please send completed applications or any questions that you may have to saferide@uoregon.edu!