Safe Ride is devoted to the idea that a person regardless of sex, race, religion, or sexual preference, should be able to go where they wish at night and feel comfortable and safe. Providing over 9,000 rides a year, Safe Ride is a free shuttle service that provides university students, faculty and staff with an alternative to walking alone at night, relying on others to take them home or being stuck in a potentially dangerous situation.

To use Safe Ride:

1. Call 346-RIDE ext. 2 or AOL Instant Message us at: uosaferide

2. If calling before 6pm, leave your name, your phone number, where you would like to be picked up at and where you want to go, your student ID number, what time you would like your ride, and the number of riders. You can call back after 6 to confirm your ride if you like but it isn't required. We are a heavily used service so we are not able to always be exactly on time. We will call if we are going to be late, but do not call when we arrive at your pickup location. 

3. Please bring your student ID with you and present it to the drivers to ensure that it is UO students who are receiving the benefits of our service.