Psych 456/556
Questions to Ponder - Aronson Ch. 8

1. What is the reward theory of attraction? What aspects of attraction can it explain? What aspects can it not explain?

2. What personal attributes are generally liked in our culture?

3. When might committing a blunder help a person to be better liked?

4. How does physical attractiveness affect our judgments of people? How might these effects be extended by self-fulfilling prophecies?

5. Do "birds of a feather flock together" or do "opposites attract"? Explain.

6. How does self-esteem affect whom we are attracted to?

7. What is Gain-Loss Theory?

8. What are the various definitions of different kinds of loving, liking and attraction proposed by social psychologists?

9. What are T-groups? What purposes do they serve?

10. What are some characteristics of effective communication?

11. What's a communal relationship? An exchange relationship?